My name is Andreas Ek, as I’m sure you might have gathered by now. I am a Finn-Swede that has been doing photography since 2006. My last three years have been spent studying towards my bachelors degree in photography in England in a quaint little town called Farnham, about 1 hour south of London.

As I run quite a busy schedule, this website is very much under construction still, and I am trying to figure out this all-new concept much more in order to be able to build a proper website, but hopefully I am able to show you a wide arrange of different type of images I have done over the years. Expect a lot more images to be added in the near future.

Otherwise, you can contact me at aek@andreasek.net if you have any comments, ideas or just want to get in touch. I am currently looking for photography related jobs, and as I am a freshly graduated free man, I can consider the whole planet as a potential working area.